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Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to create the finest linen without compromising the health of our planet or its people.

Our Core Values

We founded our business on three major tenets: quality, integrity, and responsibility to our society and the environment.

  • Quality: We strive to produce finer, longer-lasting linens.
  • Integrity: We treat our customers, our planet and its people with respect.
  • Responsibility: During every step of our process, we choose organic materials. We make purposeful choices that promote the health of the Earth and the well-being of its inhabitants. We maintain a rigorous commitment to using only sustainable, ethical practices.

Our Commitment

We’re committed to the production of the finest, most-luxurious bedding, crafted with only the purest organic materials using the most-sustainable methods.

  • We commit to the production of the world’s finest luxury linens without compromising the health of our planet or its people;
  • During every step of production, we choose organic high-quality materials;
  • We treat everyone and everything we touch with respect; and
  • From the stitching to the buttons to the flaps and trims, we take great care to create a beautiful, healthy product for our customers.

What We Do

We never compromise on quality or process.

  • We craft only the finest, most-exquisite linens.
  • We use only 100 percent organic resources that are easily renewable.
  • We employ only the most ethical practices.

Why We Do It

We choose to use 100 percent organic cotton grown without chemicals or pesticides because doing so reduces water waste, preserves the integrity of the soil, and shrinks our carbon footprint.

We believe in, support and promote the practice of paying living wages to farmers and factory workers. Additionally, we support the ethical treatment of textile workers in mills and factories. Our products are created by adults who are never forced into labor; instead, they choose to work for us. We never expose our workers to inhumane treatment, excessively long work hours, or unsafe and unfair working conditions.

While many companies treat their textile products with harmful chemical finishes like formaldehyde and azo dyes, our finishes are biodegradable. They’re free of GMO and carcinogenic materials that pollute ecosystems and cause health problems for consumers.

The choices you make as a consumer saves lives and reduces damage to the environment. Buying organic cotton supports positive change in the industry ‒ change that protects farmers and their families while promoting sustainable textile production.

We’re fully committed to the creation of the most luxurious, high-quality bed and bath products using sustainable manufacturing practices that honor others and protect our planet. We believe, not only in helping farmers live a healthy, dignified life, but in guaranteeing that you and your family sleep within sheets completely free of harmful chemicals and toxins.