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How to care for your 100% organic cotton sheets

How to Care for Your Organic Sheet Set

Your Ela Lane organic sheets are soft and durable and of high quality. Ela Lane sheets have never been exposed to pesticides and are made without harsh dyes or chemicals. With proper care, your Ela Lane bedding should last many years. If laundered correctly, our sheets grow softer and more comfortable with each wash.


To rid your sheets of any dust and to ensure proper fit, we recommend washing your sheets before the first use. We expect our bedding to shrink slightly after the first wash, and we account for this in our sizing. All our bedding is machine washable. Wash white sheets in warm water and wash colored sheets in cold water with a non-abrasive detergent.

Your Ela Lane sheets are not exposed to harsh chemicals and dyes. To protect the purity of your sheets, avoid the use of additives such as fabric softeners and bleaches.


Tumble-dry on low heat or line-dry your sheets. Avoid high heat settings. Fabric softener dryer sheets may erode the fabric, resulting in a scratchy finish or fabric pulls. If possible, remove your bedding from the dryer while it’s slightly damp to prevent overheating. Hang or lay the bedding flat until it dries completely.


It’s safe to steam or iron your bedding on the cotton setting. Avoid spray starches and other additives. If your linens appear twisted from the wash, press along the seams and edges to ensure straight, crisp lines. 


Store your bedding in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Allow the fabric to breathe while in storage.

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