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Organic Cotton Bedding

Take a Kinder, More Sustainable Path to Bedtime Bliss

Discover ethically crafted, Divinely soft, Attainably luxurious Ela Lane

Our Story

I’m Tanvir. And for my entire life, I’ve loved making beds.

As you can imagine, that was pretty unusual for a boy in Bangladesh. But that was my gift, every day. Making my family’s beds filled me with joy and peace. I loved how proper and proud the beds looked, and how much my family looked forward to climbing in and taking their restorative journey every night.

From Bangladesh to Canada

Today, I’m even more obsessed with bedding – but I now get to share the feeling with the world. In Portugal, I sought out artisans who have the thread of great sheet-making running through their veins. Together, we’ve created what we call attainable luxury – masterful bedding of uncommon softness, iconic elegance, and value that is beyond compare.

Do only good

Yet as a Bangladeshi, the unkind side of textile manufacturing was never far. I was there when the Rana Plaza garment building collapsed and took hundreds of innocent lives. This tragedy didn’t have to be. There is always a different path, one where you don’t step on each other, but walk beside each other as equals. That path, for me, is Ela Lane. Ela is Greek for “come,” Lane represents our path. I walk it by creating bedding that honors and respects its makers, the earth, and you. I’d love to walk this path with you. And I’ll say to you what I said to my family all those years ago: it is an honor to make your bed.

Sleep Well!

Tanvir Chowdhury

Founder, Ela Lane
PS: If you ever want to speak with me about your bedding or anything else, feel free to email me at

The Ela Lane Path

Our "What" is organic sheets of attainable luxury.

Our "Who" is old-world artisans born to the trade.

The Ela Lane Path

Our "How" is radical transparency and responsibility.

Our "Why" is to forge a kinder path that does only good.

Most Luxurious 100% Organic Sheets


Craft the World’s Softest, Most Luxurious 100% Organic Sheets

Our 100% organic sustainable bedding will be one of the nicest, most loving things you’ll ever do for yourself and those you love. Our long-staple, single-ply process makes a light, crisp percale, and a soft, plush sateen. If you’ve been contemplating higher-quality bedding, our approach to attainable luxury is your perfect entry.

Engage Old-World Artisans


Engage Old-World Artisans to Stitch Decades of Expertise into Every Detail

We are the polar opposite of fast fashion. Our bedding makers have centuries of expertise, and we acknowledge their priceless gifts with respectful wages and humane environments. In return, they bring artistry to the stitching and button-work, exactness in flaps, trims, and hems, and mastery to every detail that should cost you much more.

White Yam Spools


Be Fully, Radically Transparent in All We Do

Our manufacturing undergoes the world’s most respected independent certifications. Backed up by certification of the entire supply chain, the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) assures we meet benchmark ecological and social standards for processing organic fibers, while OEKO-TEX certification ensures that every component in your bedding is harmless to your health.

Organic Cotton Grown


Because You Can’t Sleep Easy on Bedding That’s Hard for Others

If you choose to see people as equals, and the world as yours to protect, then you have even more choices to make it real. You can choose 100% organic cotton grown without chemicals or pesticides for less water waste, no soil damage, and a smaller carbon footprint. You can choose to support living wages for both makers and farmers, in safe conditions and without backbreaking hours. And you can choose a kinder path, like the one Ela Lane has set down for you -- one you can take with confidence every night.

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Signature Sateen Hemstitched Sheet Set

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Embroidered White Sheet Set

Classic Percale Embroidered Sheet Set

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Embroidered White Sheet Set

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Embroidered White Sheet Set

Classic Percale Embroidered Duvet Cover

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